Coach Adrian Weigl

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Psychotherapy and Coaching Munich

The English version of this website is coming soon. In the meantime, here it is in a nutshell:

I’m a Munich-based psychologist, certified psychotherapist and business coach. Having enjoyed the diversity of a large international corporation during my years as an organizational psychologist, I’m particularly pleased to offer psychotherapy, psychological counselling and business coaching in English.

My goal is to provide clients with reliable, appreciative and effective support in challenging life situations. In case of psychotherapy those challenges could involve psychological disorders or symptoms (e. g., depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD). In case of coaching and counseling, they are usually more work-related (e. g., burnout, leadership issues, role transitions, time-/self-management, searching for meaning in work and life).

To find out more about my approach, terms and conditions, please refer to the AI-translation of my German page until this site is available in English. (As I can neither influence this process nor its outcome, please note that I cannot assume any liability for the automatic translation.)